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When it comes to Community Support, we at Central Coast Ford strive to assist some of the less main stream charities that are in desperate need of a helping hand. In line with our core values to give back to the community that gives to usand ensure we make a real difference in anything we do, our objective is to focus on just a few charities who are directly aligned with the needs of the Central Coast and local area.


Coast Shelter has been operating on the Central Coast for over 23 years and is dedicated to transforming the lives of homeless adults, families and young people. They are motivated by the belief that every individual should be able to live in safe, secure, affordable housing. 

Our area of focus is working with Brisbane Waters Police Domestic Violence unit in assisting the raising of much needed funding to Coast Shelter so they can continue to provide amazing support to women and children of Domestic Violence. In many cases these women and children have escaped with just the clothes on their backs to get away from some of the most brutal circumstances anyone could imagine. From physical, mental & even financial abuse these victims would simply have no-where to turn unless for the fantastic work of Coast Shelter.

And, unfortunately the Central Coast has a less than perfect record when it comes to Domestic Violence with some of the highest rates of AVO per capita in the State.

2016 was the second year that Central Coast Ford teamed up with Brisbane Waters Local Command in raising funds as part of White Ribbon Day appeal and again the generosity of the local Coasties continues to astound us.

Again in 2016 we were proud to donate a brand new Ford Fiesta as the major prize for the White Ribbon’s annual fundraiser with the hope in exceeding our 2015 effort of over $22,000 raised.

100% of all proceeds goes directly to Coast Shelter whichassists them in providingemergency accommodation and support for many affected locals, helping them to re-establish their connection with their life, independence, financial security and a fresh start away from living in fear. They also make sure that the children affected get back into school and have the support and counselling they need to grow into strong and independent Adults.

Domestic Violence effects everyone of us in the community and it is time we stand united to address this major issue. Take the oath today – Not Violent Not Silent. For further information please visit https://www.whiteribbon.org.au

We are very proud of our association with Coast Shelter and will continue to be their major sponsor for as long as they need us. For some of the fantastic work they do for the community visit http://coastshelter.org.au/index.html.


Continuing with our core values we feel there be no other worthier cause in Australia than looking after those that are left behind when one of our war hero’s finally rests? These War Widows were a part of our fight for independence and looked after the men and women that served Australia. Legacy is a way of saying thank you and giving back for their service and sacrifice.

Legacy Australia – Brisbane Waters Branch has many services for our local war widows including daily transport, shopping assistance, home care and much more, that makes their lives just a little easier as they go about their day without their loved one at their side. Additionally, via Legacy Juniors, they provide the children of Veterans with the financial support of schooling and provide support numerous social clubs on the Central Coast.

Central Coast Ford are proud to be one of the local branch’s major sponsors with several fund raising activities during the year including $200 donated from every car sold during the ANZAC weekend and sponsorship of their annual Charity Golf day.

We are honoured to be a part of this great charity and are delighted to offer any assistance as they assist the partners & families of those who gave their lives for our great country.

For details on how you get become involved and the great work they do visit http://www.legacy.com.au

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