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To provide simple and flexible finance solutions for our customers making their next vehicle purchase a reality.

Our Financiers

Our Business Managers are specialists in automotive Finance and Insurance. With over 36 lenders at our disposal we can make owning your new or pre-owned vehicle, fast convenient and more affordable than you may expect.
Our extensive range of Finance and Insurance products have been developed to meet the needs of Ford purchasers tailored to your needs, lifestyle and budget.
At Central Coast Ford we offer on-the-spot Finance answers, with competitive rates, saving you time and money.


With years of experience our Business Managers are equipped to provide finance solutions for both Personal & Business Customers with exceptional customer service our number one priority by working for you and ensuring your are kept informed right through the process. Specialising in a multitude of financial products from premium lenders we offer:

  • Consumer Loans
  • Finance Lease
  • Novated Lease
  • Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP)
  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Low Documentation Loans (no financials required).


Consumer Loan is used to Finance your new or pre-owned vehicle for predominantly personal use. This kind of loan is flexible and easy to manage with fixed interest rates and fixed repayments. You can choose a “Balloon” payment at the end of your loan, (a percentage put aside to repay later), to lower your instalments with options to resell or refinance at the end of your term. 
Benefits of a Consumer loan are that they are tailored for private buyers, flexible deposit, varied repayment periods, ability to add a balloon payment, fixed instalments and a fixed Interest rate.

Novated Lease enables an employee to salary package their new Ford. Payments are made on your car from your pre-tax earnings which may lead to tax benefits for you and your employer. A Novated lease has flexible terms and can be transferred from one Employer to the next so no need to lose your Company Car and must purchase quickly.
This loan also allows you to choose the car you drive and enter an agreement with your Employer and the Finance Company to achieve the right outcome. With Fixed Monthly rental payments cash flow can be managed.
The benefits include possible tax benefits, fixed instalments, choice of car and choice of term.

An Asset Purchase is also known as a Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) and is used by Business purchasers to allow for flexibility in their loan terms to assist with Cash Flow. You can tailor a CHP to include a large “Balloon” payment at the end of your Finance and offset some of the costs with potential tax offsets including Depreciation and Interest Charges if your new Ford is used for generating income.
Benefits of a CHP include possible tax deductions, flexible terms, ability to add a balloon payment and free up your Business Cash Flow.

Finance Lease enables business customers or individuals with a business to acquire vehicles without tying up valuable capital. Preserves cash flow which can be used else where by having the flexibility of fixed lower monthly rentals.
A Finance Lease allows a you to upgrade your Ford as the end of term or extend the lease. There is no Deposit required and you are only paying for the use of the vehicle, not full ownership. GST registered Businesses may be able to claim the GST portion of the lease and this lease can be tailored to your Business needs.
Benefits include: Flexible terms, Possible GST claims, possible tax deductions, tailored solutions

An Operating Lease is like a Finance Lease without the risk of selling off your car at the end of your loan. Subject to “Fair wear and tear” policy, you simply hand your Ford back at the end of your term. This eliminates the risk of depreciation and potentially large pay-outs. An operating lease f fully maintained meaning there is no need to factor in extra money for tyres, maintenance, servicing and registration. All these are included in your monthly lease payments making it easier to manage your cash flow. It also has the option of Fuel Card management and provides comprehensive 24hr accident Management. One single monthly tax invoice for all costs means less paperwork and easier accounting.
Benefits to you include less paperwork, enhanced cash flow, no hidden maintenance costs and 24hr accident management.

Chattel Mortgage is a Business product tailored to meet the needs of your Business. It offers potential GST offsets with the ability to claim GST up front in some cases. You can tailor your repayments by choosing your loan term, making seasonal extra repayments or adding a deposit. Interest rate is fixed for the life of the loan. You can also opt for a GST refund to be paid into your loan reducing your repayment and freeing up your Business cash flow.
There are many benefits to the Business Customer with a Chattel Mortgage if you are registered for GST and eligible for Input tax Credits.


Comprehensive Insurance
It is a matter of public record that many of the major insurance companies will encourage panel shops to use NON GENUINE parts in the repair of vehicles involved in accidents. This can badly affect the value of your car at trade-in time, its safety and reliability.

Before you decide on your insurer ask them:

    • Do you guarantee genuine new parts with all repairs?
    • Can I have my "choice of repairer" without additional cost?
    • Do you offer new replacement for cars less than 3 years old?
    • Do you allow maximum no claim bonus without having held insurance?
    • Are there additional fees or premium loading for Pay by the Month policies.
    • Will Genuine New Parts will be used in repairs even after the warranty period – protecting the resale value & maintaining the warranty of your vehicle.
    • Do you offer Tools of Trade Option – Covers theft and or damage of tools, stock and materials as a result of a vehicle collision; or theft using forcible and violent entry to a securely locked vehicle or tool box, permanently fixed to the insured vehicle.
    • Can I have my car returned to Central Coast Ford for their factory trained technicians to inspect for compliance to Manufacturers Specifications?

Ask us for a quote.

GAP Insurance
If your car is written off or stolen and your insurer declares a "total loss" your insurance payout may well be less than what you owe your financier. This difference or GAP may leave you liable for the shortfall.
GAP Insurance covers the shortfall - whoever you are insured with, protects you financially - claim your out of pocket expenses, and minimises any interruption to your motoring.

Loan Protection Insurance
What happens when your earning capacity is restricted due to injury, illness, involuntary unemployment, business failure and or in some cases death?
Loan protection ensures that should any of these events occur, your loan repayments will be made or may even pay out the balance remaining on your finance contract. Ensuring you peace of mind and added security, knowing your family will not have to worry about making your finance repayments.
Please refer to the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Financial Services Guide (FSG) prior to purchasing Insurance products. Any advice contained on this website with respect to Insurance Products is General Advice only.

myFord Warranty

Buying a new or pre-owned Ford vehicle is a smart choice, and to ensure the experience continues it is important to select the right myFord warranty for your vehicle.

Keep that new car feeling with plans that:

  • Use only Genuine Ford Parts
  • Factory trained technicians on hand to take care of your service and warranty needs.
  • Potential improved resale value for the your vehicle.
  • Transferable for private sales.
  • Flexible term and kilometre options

To find out more about the myFord Warranty range

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