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Glenn Provis Glenn Provis
Glenn Provis

Dealer Principal

Dealer Principal Glenn Provis is not your typical Automotive DP. With a background coming from 27 years Automotive Finance industry experience, his reasoning for purchasing Central Coast Ford in March 2015 was not what you’d expect.It wasn’t about the money, prestige or titles for Glenn, it’s simply the fact that growing up in the industry he disliked the experience of walking into a car dealership to buy a vehicle so wanted to do it differently. Car buying should be exciting so he took it as his mission to change the experience for customers on the Central Coast.Being extremely Customer focused and Community minded this has allowed Glenn the foresight to re-invent your car buying experience to one that should fun and unforgettable. He never forgets that whether new or pre-owned, your first or one of many, every car purchase is significant. And it doesn’t end there, with ongoing after sales service throughout the car ownership life cycle. He has a team of staff behind him that believe in his mission and strive every day to make sure the customers of Central Coast Ford feel we are the first choice for automotive solutions on the Central Coast.As a family man with kids of his own, he is taking on the challenge to ensure when they grow up, buying a car is no longer daunting but a ride worth taking.

Robert Stoff Robert Stoff
Robert Stoff

After Sales Manager

Robert started with us as our Business Manager over 12 years ago and feels he is still learning. With over 20 years within the Finance industry Robert knows almost all there is to know about the Industry and finding solutions to assist in the purchase of your next vehicle. He likes to learn new things every day and maybe that’s why people often call him Dr Google, for his obsession in having to find the answers to life’s great mysteries. He has now decided to take on a new challenge in our Service Department as our After Sales Manager. He will be putting his years of Management experience to the test to bring you, our Customer, the best service you will find in Aftercare of your Ford. He is a down to Earth man who unwinds by walking his dogs and simply enjoying the outdoors once he leaves the confines of his office and computer.


Michael Turvey Michael Turvey
Michael Turvey

Stock Control / Fleet

Michael holds numerous positions here at Central Coast Ford. He is our Delivery Manager, Stock Controller and is also responsible for Fleet Sales. He has been with us for a little over 5 years now and prides himself in sourcing and preparing your new vehicle to ensure delivery as soon as possible. With more than 10 year’s experience in the industry and Management roles, Michael is a wealth of knowledge when it come to the best way to serve our Business Customers and sort out their next fleet of cars. Described as a little outspoken he will always find what he needs for his clients and deliver his promises, even if he needs to speak up to get it done. Weekends sees him hanging out with his kids and doing all the things dads do on their day off. So if you’re looking for Fleet sales, Government sales and all things business, Michael is the man to speak to.

Craig Spencer Craig Spencer
Craig Spencer

Sales Consultant

One of the newest members of the Central Coast Ford team in Craig. He’s still in his first year here as a Sales Consultant but that doesn’t mean he has nothing to add. Craig has been in the industry for more than 7 years now after serving his time with the Police force and even the Military. Coming from such a disciplined background, “Spence” as he is called, is extremely reliable and punctual so you can guarantee he always delivers on what he promises and will keep you informed the whole way through the process. Away from work he is an avid Sharkies fan and loves all forms of motorsport so if you want to talk football or cars I think you’re going to be here a while.

Reilly Searson Reilly Searson
Reilly Searson

Assistant Sales Manager

Reilly has recently been promoted to Assistant Sales Manager after serving as a used vehicle specialist since 2016. Reilly is well suited to his new role overseeing New and used car sales, coming from a background of management as well as real estate. He was Born and raised in Sydney but his family decided to make the move to the beautiful Central Coast in 2010, and since then have lived in Terrigal. Reillys passion for cars doesn’t stop with the selling, he is a true car enthusiast, when he isn’t working, he is driving his car, working on his car or speaking about cars with others who share the same passion. So you can be sure his knowledge of your next New or Used vehicle will be second to none. He is a confident, enthusiastic sales professional that loves helping each and every one of his clients find their perfect car and keeps the whole sales process exciting and fun from start to finish, you will be sure to remember his contagious smile and humour.

Simone Anastas Simone Anastas
Simone Anastas

Delivery Co-ordinator

When you come in and pick up your new car, you can guarantee it’s because of our Delivery Co-coordinator Simone. Simone came to Central Coast Ford for a change of pace after spending 14 years in the Real Estate Industry. Having been in Customer Service for so long it made perfect sense that she should oversee the most important part of your car purchase, the delivery. Simone is Central Coast born and bred and loves looking after the locals here in Gosford. She has a daughter and when we don’t have any deliveries and she gets a day to herself you can find her down at the beach or staying fit with some regular yoga lessons. Make sure you say thank you when you receive your shiny new car with all the accessories you dreamed of already fitted and working.

Brendon Benness Brendon Benness
Brendon Benness

Sales Consultant

Brendon may be young, but what he lacks in age he makes up for in his experience and enthusiasm. Having already conquered the world of Finance as a Business Manager, he is now a trainee Sales Person here at Ford. He has achieved a lot of things in his few years working and strives to learn and understand more day by day. He loves a good laugh and hanging out with his loved ones. One thing you wouldn’t expect about Brendon is although he is 6 foot 7” he is terrified of heights, which is a little funny.


Todd Jackson Todd Jackson
Todd Jackson

Service Advisor

Todd came to work with us over 3 years ago in our Service Department. He is one of the people you will talk to when you drop off or pick up your Ford for servicing. He has been a Service Advisor for over 12 years now and loves to deliver a newly tuned car back to its owner in time for some new adventures. He has a young family and loves to spend time with them on his days off. After 12 years in the job, he has come to learn that communication with our Customers is paramount to an excellent service experience.

Scott McBride Scott McBride
Scott McBride


Scott is our resident Foreman which means he is making sure that all our mechanics and Master Technicians are working on your car efficiently and accurately. He has control of our Service workshop in its day to day operations. He has been our Foreman for over 3 years now after achieving his Master Technician status representing the best of the best of his profession in the Ford camp. He can be seen as a little bossy at times, but it’s only to make sure our Customers cars are fixed right first time and delivered hassle free from his workshop. Scott is also a resident Motorcross fan, we seem to have a few of them. So f you’re looking for him away from work you can guarantee it will have something to do with the Motorcross.

Sean Gazzard Sean Gazzard
Sean Gazzard

Master Technician

Sean Gazzard started with us 12 years ago as an apprentice mechanic and he hasn’t stopped achieving since. Proudly being recognised as Ford Master technician in 2009, his qualification represents the highest in Ford training & experience possible. In achieving this amazing milestone he has demonstrated his skills as a trainer, diagnostic prowess and his ability to track down any problem. All these achievements haven’t changed him though, he is still considerably laid back and loves to ride his motocross bike on his weekends off. So if you’re looking for a 5 star service facility with dedicated and industry leading technicians you’ve come to the right place. We are extremely proud of what Sean has achieved and excited at the level of service he helps deliver to our loyal Customers.

Joey Trappe Joey Trappe
Joey Trappe


Joe is yet another of our long serving Technicians having been with us for 9 years now. Joe started with us as an apprentice and with hard work and guidance completed his Technicians trade certificate and stayed on to make sure our Customers get the service they expect when they trust their vehicles to us. Affectionately known as “The German” in the workshop Joe loves doing Custom Car work when he’s on his days off. Most people would think you’d get sick of the sight of cars, but Joe is truly passionate about knowing his trade and loving his work.

Geno Tamayo Geno Tamayo
Geno Tamayo


Bong (Eric) Chee Bong (Eric) Chee
Bong (Eric) Chee


Eric has come a long way in the last 3 years, coming to us only 6 months ago after completing his trade certification to become a Mechanic. He is one of the funniest guys in our service department and helps to keep the culture light and humorous on a day to day basis. He works hard to ensure our customers expectations are exceeded each and every time they drop their car off for service, but when he leaves the workplace he finds solace in just sitting back, playing some video games and simply relaxing. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make it all worthwhile.

Marc Haber Marc Haber
Marc Haber

Master Technician

Our most recent addition to our team of Master Techs, Marc has proudly just achieved Master Status after many years of training and experience. Marc is one of three Master technicians we have working here at Central Coast Ford and he has been perfecting his skills and trade for over 9 years now. Being with us for the last 7 years we know that when he is working with one of our cars, there is nothing he can’t decipher, unlock or fix. He is also another Motorcycle enthusiast and gets out on his bike whenever he has a day off. His achievement of earning his Master Technician status through Ford is something we are very proud of and we are excited that he continues to be looking after our Customers.

Gareth White Gareth White
Gareth White

Service technician

Our Ford Technician Gareth has 17 years experience as a Senior Technician so we were more than happy to welcome him aboard late 2016. He loves the challenge of keeping up with all the emerging technology in your new Ford and knowing how to diagnose and fix any small issues that arise. He's a quiet achiever with a big future that you will be comfortable leaving your car with.

Shontai McManus Shontai McManus
Shontai McManus

Apprentice Service Technician

Shontai is an outgoing and bubbly person who loves to ride dirt bikes in her spare time. She is excited to be learning the ropes as an Apprentice Mechanic and loves the challenges it brings. Although she loves cars and dirt bikes and grease under her nails, she's also a fan of Disney and Tinkerbell. We think Shontai is an all-round nice person with a love of all things car related, so you know your cars in good hands.

Scott Thorpe Scott Thorpe
Scott Thorpe

Apprentice Mechanic

Scott came to Central Coast Ford fresh our of school looking to become a fully qualified Technician. He is a 1st year apprentice with a bright future with Ford. We are happy to have Scott on board, learning the ropes and learning all their is to know about the Ford product.


Brodie Liddle Brodie Liddle
Brodie Liddle

Parts Interpreter

Brodie is one of our dedicated parts interpreters. This role is definitely harder than it looks when you imagine how many parts are in just one car. Brodie has a skilful knowledge of tracking down any parts in any Ford dating back well before the current models on sale today. He has been with us over 3 years now and has recently completed his apprenticeship after several hard years studying. He is another one of our avid motorbike riders and likes to fix and ride his motorbikes on his days off. If you’re in the area and need a part, give Brodie a call and test his knowledge of the Ford Parts database.

Barry Mitchell Barry Mitchell
Barry Mitchell

Parts Interpreter

Barry is one of our friendly parts interpreters here to help you find the perfect part or accessory for your new car. With over 35 years experience at various dealerships you know that Barry will find you the right part, first time. A keen watcher of V8's and Cricket, make sure you drop in and say hi when you're in the market for a new part.


Steven Da-Ross Steven Da-Ross
Steven Da-Ross


When you pick up your new car and it has the new car smell, you can thank Steven. Steven has been a detailer for over 14 years and certainly knows his trade inside and out. He has been with Central Coast Ford for almost 4 years now and our Customers appreciate his attention to detail when they pick up their new car. Another Central Coast local, Steven loves nothing more than to cruise in his car when he isn’t making them look and smell good for the dealership. A true car enthusiast, we think that gives him a bit of an edge over others as he wants to make sure your car looks its best each and every time he gets to detail it.