Classic Ford cars we wish we had.

The 70s was an iconic period, theres no doubt about it. Besides all the afros, flared jeans and aviator sunnies, there were some great cars to be found on the road back then. As one of the first car manufacturers, Ford has a long line-up of automobiles that have stood the test of time.

Weve listed some of our favourites below, and who knows, your new car could be in the same position 50 years from now.

1971 Mustang Boss 351

Hailed as one of the last true muscle cars in the Ford line-up, the Boss 351 Mustang was truly a boss. A critics favourite for good reason, the Boss 351 was an attention grabber in both looks and power. Released in a much larger size than its predecessors, the engine bay wasbig enough to totally cover up its big-block V8 engine packing 330hp at 5,400 rpm.

If you can find one of these, good luck. As time goes on they are becoming more and more sought after. With that being said, the Mustang experience still lives on thanks to the success of beasts like the Boss 351, and you can check out new models on our website.

1977 Bronco

This picture of a restored 77 Bronco may be a bit shinier than youre used to. More often sprayed with mud, the Bronco is a coveted 4WD that was put out of commission in 1996. The 77 models came in wagon, truck, and roadster versions, looking like a square box set high on big knobby wheels, and often with no roof. The cost of buying a vintage Bronco is on the rise due to high demand.

Ford announced earlier this year that the Bronco is making a comeback which leaves many of us very excited to say the least. Keep an eye on our New Cars page for the latest Ford releases in Australia.


1970 Torino GT

Funnily enough at the time of the Torinos release, it was marketed as a family car. A FAST family car available with a 3.6 litre straight-six engine or 5 variations of V8. Average speeds for the flashy Torino GT could hit 95km/h in 8 seconds (amazing for its weight). Screaming along the highway in one of these with kids in the back (also screaming) just doesnt happen anymore.

There are rumours of the Torino making a comeback, but without the official word from Ford, theres no way to know. If it does, its unlikely that any Torino remake will compete asa family car. Although were pretty confident that the Escape, the Territory and Ford’s other SUVs have those bases covered.

While the 70s are good and done, Ford manufacturing has stood the test of time. The popularity of these old classics is a testament to the quality and workmanship of Ford vehicles.

Whether your next Ford is 50 years old or brand new, we know youll love it.

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