Ford Bullitt coming to Australia

Coinciding with the 50thanniversary of the movie “Bullitt” and in tribute to the iconic car, the Bullitt Mustang is making its debut in Australian showrooms in October 2018. The Bullitt Mustang is the perfect tribute to the 1968 film.

The Bullitt will be limitedwithFord Australia saying, more than 50, but not hinting to the final allocation. We do know, however, that the cars will not number in the thousands.

In addition to the limited numbers, a price has not been announced for the Bullitt edition of the classic car, but its estimated that it will come in at somewhere around $70,000. This is due to the fact that the Bullitt is based on the five litre V8 Mustang GT fastback or the V8 coupe, and as it has a bit of an extra kick in terms of power and comes with its own unique badging. The bump in power is also estimated to be modest, based on the European stats, as the V8 sees an upgrade from 306Nm and 530Nm to 343kW and 530Nm.

Before the Bullitts arrival, Australia will see the new range of Ford Mustangs appearing in July. They are touted to have a more athletic appearance, as well as improved technology and capability. Overall, Mustangs are considered high performance cars that have been wildly popular in Australia.

It is currently unclear as to whether the car will be a six-speed manual, or will instead be a new 10-speed auto. Its very possible that the Bullitt, in order to stay true to the one in the film, will be a manual. This is evidenced by the fact that the shifter has the Bullitt logo. Australians may be disappointed to learn that while they will have access to the green car, overseas will have the choice of two colours beingblack and green.

Molly McQueen, Steve McQueens granddaughter, was the one to unveil the Bullitts latest edition at the Detroit motor show earlier this year, in addition to being reunited with the original car driven in the film (although she didnt get to keep it).

Graeme Whickman, President and CEO of Ford cars Australia had this to say: Steve McQueen as BULLITT created a legend, and Mustang Bullitt is the perfect way to salute an icon of the silver screen. He went on to add about the car, Were excited to offer Australian buyers the Mustang Bullitt, especially on the 50thanniversary of the legendary film.

The Bullitt is sure to be a winner for Ford Australia, as the Mustang itself has been a massive success ever since the models went on sale herein 2015. Though Ford originally forecast sales to be at about 1000 a year, more than 9000 were delivered last year alone. The Mustang came second only to the Ranger pickup.

As excitement mounts for the Australian arrival, keep your eyes open for more updates.


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