Keep cool this summer with our top 10 tips.

At the moment during the Australian heat wave its not easy to keep cool, especially if you dont have air conditioning. This heat wave has brought Australia the hottest climates in more than 150 years.

Heat waves are already known to be the biggest cause of Australian deaths from natural hazards, which makes it especially important for those living and visiting to keep as cool as possible.

We thought we could help by compiling a list of 10 things you can do to stay cool.

Home-made air conditioner

If you dont have air conditioning you can create your own cool air by putting ice cold water in front of fans in the home. This is a great way to tackle the heat without having to fork out on air conditioning.

Staying in the shade, you and your house

Ok its common sense to take yourself out of direct heat, however homes are getting extremely hot meaning that returning from a day out or work is currently like stepping into a sweat box. This makes evenings and especially bedtime uncomfortable but there is a way to reduce the heat that gets trapped in homes during the day. If you close your windows and also the curtains/blinds you can reduce the amount of heat coming from the south side meaning you have a sanctuary from the heat wave. When returning at night thats the time to throw open your doors and windows as that will allow a better flow of air to cool the house down further.

Get your feet into cold water

Although this may sound like an old wives tale the science behind the cooling effect of putting your feel into cold water is very real. The reason it works is because it hits certain pulse points located in the ankles and feet helping to reduce the whole bodies heat over time.

Growing or placing high plants

By growing plants against a western wall you are able to block out some of the suns direct rays helping you to stay cool in your garden. You can use potted plants or even a screen to keep the direct heat off your favourite places to relax outdoors.

Turn fans to face outside

The science behind putting fans the wrong way round at open windows is to expel hot air from indoors rather than just sending it around in circles. For this to be successful you will need to have a second window open so that fresh air can enter.

Drink a hot beverage

This may sound pretty backwards but by drinking a hot drink your body will begin to sweat; this will then evaporate allowing your skin to cool down.

Service your cars Air Conditioning

Going for a drive? Make sure your cars air conditioning is serviced and working well. Theres nopointheading out to the beach if you have tosweat and pant the whole way there. This ones easy, call us to book an appointment.

Get the BBQ fired up

We all know that having hot weather and a BBQ goes hand in hand but theres a good reason for cooking outdoors during the heat wave. When you head indoors and cook using your stove then you are creating additional heat that will more than likely get trapped giving you a very uncomfortable evening and of course nights sleep.

Get heat proof curtains

The thicker the curtains the better they are for blocking intense heat especially if they have a matted side.

Dont forget your pets

If you have pets dont just assume that they are able to cool themselves down. To keep them cool and of course safe during the heat wave add ice cubes to their water and place wet towels on the ground.


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