Will the Ford F-140 coming to Aus?


Youd be nuts not to be excited about the prospect of the Ford F-Series dual-cab coming to Australia. This beast of a Ute tried to get here between 2001 and 2007 but unfortunately conversions were not cost effective at the time. Now with the coming of some major rivals in the Dodge RAM and HSV Silverado, Ford thinks it may be time to bring in the big guns.

Aussies love a beefy dual-cab and they dont get more serious than the F-Series ute. Ford Australia CEO Kay Hart says they are watching closely to see the reaction of the public to the 2 that are here from the competition and will be considering taking the plunge. If Ford does bring the F-Series to our shores they are confident that it will undercut its rivals on price due to not needing to have a built in conversion cost.

But the questions still remains as to whether Ford will hit the button on allowing RHD cars to be built and sent down under. There really is nothing stopping them now, they just need to start sending them. And, with a diesel engine finally coming to fruition in the states and the globalising of the iconic Mustang such a big win, we think its time Australians get to experience the F-150 in all its right hand drive glory.


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